YAHTZEE: Dungeons & Dragons: | Collectible Dice Tower

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Take a chance on quick strategy and coordinating creatures in this version of the classic “Shake, Score, & Shout” dice game! YAHTZEE®: Dungeons and Dragons fires up a bold new spin on America’s #1 dice game with a multi-use, black scaled dice tower with red D&D dragon ampersand and six-sided dice decorated with classic creatures, such as a Dragon, Owl Bear, Gelatinous Cube, and more. Dice tower measures 101 mm H x 75 mm W and fits standard d4 through d20 dice for adventuring in RPGs of any origin!
•Get ready for an adventure with this collectible Dungeons & Dragons Yahtzee dice game featuring the iconic ampersand (&) logo as a multi-use dice tower.
•It's a perfect game for whenever you want to add adventure to game night - this great collectible gift is perfect for fans of all ages.
•Travel Yahtzee game that you can take anywhere and enjoy anytime.
•Includes: 1 custom Dungeons & Dragons dice tower, Custom scorepads, 5 custom Yahtzee dice featuring unique monsters - #1 Dragon, #2 Owl Bear, #3 Gelatinous Cube, #4 Mimic, #5 Mind Flayer, #6 Beholder.
•1+ Players | Ages 8+ | 30 Minute Play Time

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